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Ever wanted to be the editor of your own magazine? Well now, you can. You can send your customers or potential customers a beautiful, stylish magazine that you have branded as your own publication. It is your own “in-flight” magazine.

It does not matter what industry you are in; this is the perfect way to reach your existing customers and potential customers. You can post it to your members, to keep the brand in front of them on a monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly, or annual basis.


An example of how our magazines work for organisations:


■ Hotel operators put it in all their hotel rooms, for their guests. It details all the offerings of the hotel, like articles on the restaurants and bars in the complex. It can also feature treatments in the day spas and reviews of other services available to guests, like discounts to local attractions. The magazine is also mailed out to your holiday club members, to keep them up-to-date on all of the exciting things the hotel has in their schedule.

■ Care Home operators produce a magazine for the residents, and/or the loved ones of residents in their care homes. These are also posted to prospective customers who are interested in moving there. The magazine details events and activities which are upcoming, plus messages from the organisation to the residents and their loved ones. It features lavish spreads showing the facilities. This is mixed in with human interest stories about the residents, plus general editorial of interest to the demographic.

■ Real estate organisations send it to all prospective buyers and have it in their retail spaces for their customers to pick up for free. This features several particularly special homes in the cover story and in the feature stories. Plus, they have general listings of other properties throughout the magazine. The magazine also carries general interest stories on renovation, property investing and property management.

■ Schools and other centre of higher learning send the magazine to all parents to keep them aware of all of the positive things they are doing at the school. This keeps the school brand in front of parents and reinforces their original decision of choosing the school because of its match with the parents’ values.

The Inflight Magazine Layout


Cover Story


The cover story will feature your company, with a highly readable, engaging text, plus lavish photospreads and intriguing captions. This can go for 4 to 8 pages, and include interviews and very readable editorial.

Editor’s Note

The “editor’s note” will feature a photo of your CEO/Company Owner/Marketing Spokesperson and their introduction to the issue.

Branded Content  – News Pages


The content will feature all your company news, written in a highly engaging style by journalists with decades of experience. This can feature things like, special discounts, a new menu, a new chef, new facilities/renovations, new CEO, achievements and upcoming even

Branded Content  – Editorial

The general branded articles can be on anything from restaurants reviews of eatery spaces in your property, cocktail reviews, interviews with head chefs. If you have properties for sale, we can showcase these with stunning photos, plus write the back stories of the properties. We can feature human interest stories of the staff, or of your club members.

Expert Advice

This is where an expert does a column giving advice to customers. If you own a chemist chain, for example, you can feature a pharmacist giving advice to customers about the upcoming flu season, or the best products to avoid sunburn. If you are publishing on behalf of a hotel, your chef can do an expert piece on how to cook crab just right!

All of these expert panels can be ghost written from interviews and/or from content the subjects write themselves.

Non-Branded Content

We also mix in genuine editorial about the local area that readers will enjoy. This keeps the readers’ interest through the magazine. We can feature information about day trips, and other outings, health stories, tech articles, travel features, adventure tales, and local nature stories.
We have a stable of editorial articles for you to choose from that will match your audience, to keep them engaged. Or we can write new articles to suit your brief.

Email for a meeting to discuss the options and pricing structures.

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