Top Eats at TWEED MALL

Top Eats at TWEED MALL

Planning on meeting up with friends for lunch or coffee date? We checked out Tweed Mall, and the fantastic food temptations there. Here are our top picks for eats with friends!


Danosi Kitchen is the place for Asian food lovers. There is a range of traditional Japanese flavours such as teriyaki chicken, seared salmon, karaage chicken and sashimi. For only $3.80 per plate and modern table service, Danosi Kitchen is a perfect place for lunch or dinner.

Tweed Mall_Danosi Kitchen
Delicious food at Danosi


Justify Ya Cafe is open for breakfasts seven days a week, from 7am. It has fabulous big breakfasts, mouth-watering pancakes and lighter options. Justify Ya Café is a locally-owned modern café, where food, coffee and social come together. The coffee is to die for. Plus, they also have a great kids menu for the Grandkids.

Tweed Mall_Justifya
Scrumptuous Pie at Justifya


This is a little slice of the Parisian pastry and bakery culture on the Tweed Coast. There are traditional classics like pain-au-chocolat – to more unique and inventive flavour combos that you won’t have tried before. There is both sweet and savoury treats, artisan bread, baguettes and a selection of authentic patisserie classics baked daily. The deliciousness!

Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Cake at Pastry Bread Esspresso


Muffin Break is all about freshly baked goodness and delicious coffee. But it is not just about the best muffins in town, they also have a lunch menu that includes things like bacon and zucchini rice slice, or a bacon egg and tomato flaky tart. You could also try the pulled beef and sundried tomato stonebaked roll or the feta and walnut salad. Tasty!

Tweed Mall_Muffin Break
Baked Goodness at Muffin Break


Health Food Central is the place to get vitamins, probiotics, organic fresh produce, and other health-focused groceries. You can get advice instore – the locally-owned and run shop has naturopaths, nutritionists, herbal specialists on staff to answer all your questions, and give advice. As for healthy snacks, this is an organic wonderland!

Health Food Central
Health Food Central


As well as having an extensive range of meat, freshly prepared on site daily, they have fresh homemade quiches and sausage rolls ready for a quick lunch. Their chunky steak pies uses the butcher’s own tender diced beef and lean premium mince. Master Meats are gaining a reputation as having the best pies on the Tweed.

Tweed Mall_Master_Meats
Pies at Master Meats


With freshly made Sushi available daily, Sushi Yaki is the place to visit for that hit of Asian food goodness. Grab a platter of mixed Sushi for only $50 – it is a quick and easy lunch for a bunch of friends. You can even grab a rice bowl and a drink and head down to the beautiful river for a get together with nature. Nice!

Sushi from Sushi Yaki


Brendan, owner of Tweed Mall Growers Market, has over 30 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry. He personally handpicks all items for his store. And, he enjoys introducing the next generation to an exciting range of fruit and vegetables they may not have seen before. He also gives advice on how to store and cook the food and make sensational meals. Tasty!

Growers Market
Growers Market


This café is known for locally sourced seafood, procured from the Tweed trawlers every day. If you love fresh seafood, prawns, and oysters, this is your place. If it is cooked seafood you are after, then you are in luck. They also have fish and chips, burgers, fish, calamari, and other seafood favourites. If you want a seafood feast with your buddies, head straight there!

Things we love about Tweed Mall:

  • The range of fresh food and dining options  
  • Easy free undercover car parking
  • The mall is on one level
  •  There are tonnes of shopping options to discover
  • There are three supermarkets under one roof – ALDI, Coles and Woolworths.
  • There are an array of speciality fresh food stores – produce, meat, bakery, and seafood. Yum!


Address: Cnr Wharf Street & Bay Street, Tweed Heads

Phone Number: 0755364066


There’s over 60+ specialty stores, and a medical precinct.

Things we love: Gourmet Meals

Things we love: Gourmet Meals

If you don’t want to shop, cook, or clean up, then here is an idea for you!

Gourmet Meals- Corned Beef
corned beef

GOURMET MEALS is a Gold-Coast based, Australian-owned and operated business. They deliver healthy, nutritious, and great-tasting frozen meals to your door. You can eat healthier and stay living independent in your own home for longer.

Gourmet Meals- Delivery Guy
NDIS Delivery Guy

History of the Gourmet Meals

The company is an approved NDIS provider of home delivered meals. This means that home delivery of these meals is part-funded under the NDIS. If you are eligible, some of the cost will be covered.

Gourmet Meals company
Brilliant Company Offering Delicious Meals

The company has an old-fashioned personalised service. You can actually speak to a “real person” over the phone and can opt for a friendly delivery driver to assist you with packing your meals away. Every suburb is serviced once a week.

If you want to try just a couple of meals first, then the meals are also available in the gluten-free freezer section of selected IGAs, Foodworks and independent stores. You can look up your nearest retailer on Or, you can pick up meals directly from the factory at 46/215 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters, between 9:00am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Delicious Dishes

Gourmet Meals are very competitively priced and taste like good old-fashioned home cooking. They are wholesome, nutritious, and well balanced.

Gourmet Meals- Soup

Options include gluten free, dairy free, reduced‑salt and reduced-fat options, plus there’s portion-controlled and calorie-controlled meals too. The meals are snap frozen for freshness, so they don’t add preservatives.

Cottage cheese lasagna

There are no contracts, orders can be made on a casual basis, and all that is required is a minimum order of $49 and a delivery fee of $7.50. They have a full menu online at

website picture
website picture

To ask for more information, or to order your meals, call Gourmet Meals on 1300 112 112 or 07 5529 3000 or buy online at

company logo
Logo of Gourmet Meals

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SILVER SHITBOXERS: Story of Greg and Louise

SILVER SHITBOXERS: Story of Greg and Louise

Greg Canning (56) & Louise Canning (57) have signed up for the Shitbox Rally for a  second time this year. Even though Greg works for Channel Seven as their building services manager, Louise is a store manager for Wallace Bishop. Greg fills us in on how he and Lou are preparing for the Autumn event.

Silver Shitboxers and their love for princess theme
Even the car is a princess

Our Journey for Participating in the Shitbox Rally

We first heard about the Shitbox Rally about five or six years ago. We just thought it sounded like fun! The kind of event we had to be a part of. We applied and didn’t make the cut the first year…or the second year, or the third year. This was due to the limit of 250 teams per rally, which is easier to manage from a logistics perspective.

Princess day celebration among Silver Shitboxers
Princess Day – everyone had to dress like a princess!

We were finally accepted to take part in the 2019 10th anniversary rally, travelling from Perth to Sydney via Uluru. The fact that it was the tenth anniversary of the rally held a special significance for us. It was the tenth anniversary of Lou’s breast cancer diagnosis as well as her ten year work anniversary. The rally was the first and only 10-day rally. What a marvellous 10 days that rally was! There is still a waiting list, but now, with two  shitbox rallies each year, getting yourself onto a rally should be somewhat quicker.

We are currently raising as much money as we can for the cause, which hasn’t been helped by the Covid situation. We’ve really had to think outside the box to come up with options that don’t require gatherings or group type activities.

Silver Shitboxers taking part of the vibrant rally
Greg and Louise’s buddy group of cars

Fundraisers by Silver Shitboxers

One of our current fundraising activities has Lou making all shapes and sizes of beautiful dreamcatchers which  we offer for sale. I’ve been creating all manner of decorative laser[1]cut and engraved items from candle holders and lamps to welcome signs, cake toppers and personalised Christmas decorations. (Check out The products are beautiful, and all profits go to cancer research.)

We are busily preparing ourselves and the car for the rally as the date is rapidly approaching. One item we really need before we go is a replacement windscreen. That might sound like a strange requirement but ours has a long crack across the middle and if you lose a windscreen on the rally, your rally is over…You’re not going to find a spare where we go! We also need to prepare a list of required provisions for the trip. Drinking water is an example. We need plenty in case we’re stuck by the side of the road for hours due to a breakdown. But water supplies are heavy and take up space, so too much isn’t going to help anyone.

Silver Shitboxers enjoying a formal party
Formal night at Uluru

Silver Shitboxers on the Go

We will be travelling in groups of seven or eight cars. THE golden rule of the rally is that if a car in your group breaks down the whole group stops and everyone stays together until the problem is resolved. While we most of us aren’t mechanics, there is always one person in each group that does have these reasonable mechanical skills and some essential tools. There are also support teams travelling as part of the rally. These teams have 4WD vehicles, car trailers, and more well stocked toolboxes for when breakdowns occur. Once they arrive on scene, if they can’t get you back on the road in 20 minutes or so, it’s onto a trailer with your Shitbox. You have to find a seat for yourself in another team’s car. Your Shitbox goes to the triage at the next overnight stop.

Crafty Markets – to raise money for the Cancer Council

Rally participants come from all walks of life and span a very broad range of ages and experiences. On the last rally, we had a couple of young guys from Yinarr (apparently that’s pronounced yeah‑nah) in Victoria. There was a lovely couple from Kandos who have since retired, with the rest of us ranging through our 40s and 50s. It is a very broad constellation of people.

The car we are using is the same VZ Commodore Wagon we drove in the 2019 rally. We call her “Pearl.” While it doesn’t sound like a car you’d be able to buy it for under $1000, when you see this car, you’ll realise why. People think that everything that has been done to this car we did ourselves, because we are entering it into the Shitbox Rally. She looks like a crazy painted shitbox should, but, that’s how we bought her! All we did was put our sponsors’ stickers on her!

Our Car

Mechanically speaking, she’s okay. I had to replace the cam chains in her after the last rally but, she’s a good car. Let’s face it, she made it through the last rally…All 5150 kilometres of it. We did tear the exhaust system off on day four, so it was rather loud going from that point on. This included the drive home from Sydney to Brisbane! All cars have to be roadworthy too, which is a tough call for cars worth $1000 or less.

Louise car surfing

The rally is such a rewarding event – the people that you meet are absolutely sensational. The sites, and experiences are sensational too. Before we did the 2019 rally, I struggled to get Lou in a car to drive anywhere more than an hour away! She hated driving! We would drive five minutes down the road and she’d say, “Are we there yet?” Once we did the rally, she was converted! We have since driven up to the Whitsundays and back a couple of times, and even chosen to drive rather than fly to Sydney twice!

During the 2019 rally I really “let myself go” for effect to try to look like a pirate. I am normally clean-shaven with a short back and sides. By the end of it I wore a bandanna and had a plaited beard. My hair turned red, courtesy of the red dust that the Outback is made from.


The scenery and vistas are amazing. You see a  lot of wildlife out there – emus, kangaroos, camels. There are no hotels where we go. It’s all camping. Normally we camp where there are some sort of facilities. So basically, you drive all day, you get to your overnight to stop, fill up the car, and set up then tent, sleep, then get up for breakfast! And do it all again! Moreover, there’s often nothing but open spaces, and delightful scenery from the start of each day to the next overnight stop. And, of course, there’s the odd “Code Yellow” (10 hours a day in a car I’m sure you can work it out!). It all adds up to a wonderful experience. ■

To donate to Greg’s Team, go to autumn2021. All the money goes to cancer research. Let’s beat this shitshow of a disease!


This year, the Shitbox Rally Autumn will be held 22-28th May. Half the field will be travelling from Alice Springs to The Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria. And shortly afterwards, the other half of the teams plus the organisers and officials will set off from Gold Coast on the reverse route. The Spring Shitbox Rally runs from the 9th-15th October 2021, travelling from Mackay to Darwin.

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Phil Usher has been part of the aged-care sector for almost 20 years. Here, he gives us an insight into this opportunity to simplify your life and free yourself in your later years.

A Brand New Adventure: Don’t Doubt Downsizing

So, you’re downsizing. You’ve reached that inevitable next phase in life to simplify, de-clutter and take stock of what’s really important to you. But don’t fret, downsizing can also mean that a whole new adventure is on the cards!

To some, the prospect of downsizing can evoke uncertainty or fear. This big change in life can be more akin to pulling teeth, or getting cornered into a gruelling timeshare presentation. But downsizing doesn’t have to dampen your spirits or create unnecessary worries – in fact, it should be the exact opposite!

First and foremost, you need to change your mindset and see downsizing as an opportunity for a new beginning, because that is exactly what it is. It should be viewed as a new era; one we should encourage ourselves and our loved ones to approach with zest and excitement.

Odyssey Residents: Don’t Doubt Downsizing

The people we see at Odyssey often feel a little daunted and overwhelmed with the idea of moving from a large home into a smaller setting. And of course, it is difficult when you or a loved one has been in the same house for many years and then it’s time for the next stage. But it’s also important to feel comfortable with the process.

dont doubt downsizing for your retired life
Downsize and lead a comfortable retired life

Life is full of stuff and most of us spend a significant amount of time accumulating bits and bobs over the years to remind us where we’ve been, what we’ve seen and who we love. But as we age, clutter can become an issue, creating trip hazards, and making it difficult to find things.

Enjoy downsizing for a beautiful retired life
Downsizing can be beautiful if done correctly

When you start to declutter, don’t view this as a painful departing process, but instead see it as a way to empower either ourselves or our loved ones with choice and control. It’s often thought that our children or grandchildren will want to hold onto various items, but sadly and unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Don’t Doubt Downsizing, Pick Out Items Close to Your Heart

Hold onto the things that have meaning, whether it’s family pictures, a favourite reading chair or a few items that hold special memories. Everything else is mostly just ‘things’. A general rule to follow is, if it hasn’t been used in six months, it’s probably not needed.

One of the best things about downsizing is the ease of living in a low-maintenance environment. While it can be challenging to adjust to a new schedule and a whole new lifestyle, it’s always a pleasant surprise to have more freedom and time to do the things you love.

Whether it be spending more quality time with family and friends or engaging in new social activities, downsizing is a chapter of life that should not cause angst. It truly is a time for you to live your best life, and perhaps take up a new hobby that you didn’t have the time for before. Downsizing can bring out a whole new era of self-discovery for you that maximises the most essential elements of life – having fun and being happy and healthy.

When considering your new space, identify the things that are important to you. Things like access to quality care, remaining independent, maintaining a sense of control, living in a pet[1]friendly setting, and being able to bond with those you love.

Choosing the Correct Location

Choose somewhere that aligns with your values, what you want, and what kind of lifestyle you want to maintain. You want to be able to focus on continuing life as normal as possible in a great atmosphere – while feeling safe and secure about where you live. My whole goal is to ensure that Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities combine the best of retirement resort community living with first-class care built in.

Remember, the moral to the story is to change the way we see downsizing. Don’t doubt downsizing. It’s a new beginning and something you can take on with a smile and excitement. It’s about decluttering, but also about experiencing something new – a space where you’re comfortable, safe and happy. ■

For more of Phil’s insights, and the opportunity to ask questions, check out

Phil's picture
Picture of Phil

Phil Usher

PHIL USHER has been part of the aged care sector for almost 20 years. He has a keen understanding of what seniors want when it comes to living out their twilight years on their own terms.

Phil’s Mum, who passed away from dementia-related complications, was the driving force behind why he’s created an alternative to traditional aged care. When considering aged care for her, Phil couldn’t find a place that offered her the kind of life she wanted. So he made improving aged care his odyssey. If it’s not good enough for the people Phil loves, it’s simply not good enough.

Phil’s determination to create the best alternative to aged-care led to a fresh, heart-centred approach known as a Lifestyle Care Community. At Odyssey the power is given back to residents. People are put first, they have their own home in a lifestyle-orientated community, couples stay together, pets are welcome, grandkids have sleepovers and most importantly – comfort, dignity and independence are the first priorities.

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RIGHT NOW, GENE GILMER is as sharp as ever at 90 years of age. A retired school superintendent who earned his doctorate in math decades ago, Gilmer lives alone. He worries about losing the memories that defined his life. That’s part of the reason he enrolled in an unusual clinical trial.


The treatment being tested: Conversation. Four times a week for a half-hour each time, he taps a button on a tablet computer. And talks face-to-face with a research assistant. The conversation is invariably pleasant, always a half hour in length, and curiously themed.

“A lot of the questions seem to reflect back to when I was a lot younger,” he said. “They seem to be testing my memory.”

Testing – not quite. But targeting? Definitely. Researchers are conducting a study to see if regular conversation can stave off dementia.

Conversational Clinical Trial

Known as the Internet-based Conversational Clinical Trial, or I-CONECT, the project connects socially isolated seniors for regular half-hour conversations with trained conversationalists through online video chat. Previous pilot studies showed promising results, clearing the way for the National Institute on Aging to fund the full[1]scale clinical trial that’s now underway.

“This could be an actual clinical intervention your doctor would prescribe. Like exercise for a healthy heart,” said Jacob Lindsley, a senior research assistant in the OHSU Layton Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Centre.

Social isolation is a major problem for seniors. A recent report by the Lancet Commission noted that 2.3 percent of dementia cases could be prevented by reducing social isolation.

The conversations aren’t just shooting the breeze. That is why research assistants lead participants through conversations that are specifically designed to exercise areas of the brain. Mainly, associated with abstract thought, memory and higher-level executive functioning skills.

Final Words

Researchers demonstrated in a 2014 study that seniors who participated in video chats significantly improved in some cognitive tests. Whereas, compared to a control group that did not engage in video chats.

So there you go, Silvers. Video chatting is actually good for your brain. Call up a mate and off you go! ■

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