Looking for a night out with old-school showmanship and theatrics? Then this magic spectacular at Sanctuary Cove is for you.  

Bored of the cinema? Can’t find anything on streaming services to watch? TV boring? Then do something new! Matt Hollywood’s Illusions Magic Show is something different and fun! And now is a great time to go, before international tourism reignites again and you have to fight every man and his lorikeet to get a seat.

Magic and illusion shows have been around a long time. And there’s a good reason why. Humans have always been fascinated by trickery. It is a performing art that never loses its appeal, even in high-tech 2020.


Magic is as Old as the Hills

History tomes are dotted with stories about travelling magic shows and tricksters enthralling crowds with their shenanigans throughout the ages. But it reached a crescendo in the late 19th‑century, when “the Golden Age of Magic” gripped the imagination. Magicians like Harry Houdini achieved widespread commercial success. This kind of magic show became a mix of Broadway theatre, spectacular, and amazing illusions, all rolled into one. In fact, the genre has marched intact into modern times, and even thrived on TV, with people like Derren Brown and David Blaine becoming wildly popular.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, many people freaked out by magic shows associated the industry with the devil and the occult. So, many stage magicians simply capitalised on this, and used the devil in their advertising for their shows. It only added to its popularity.

In recent years, magic shows have gone absolutely stellar in Las Vegas. Illusionists such as David Copperfield still reign supreme in the city (although his show has been put on hold due to Covid-19).

If you want a slice of this magic spectacularstyle show on the Coast, then you can. Master Illusionist Matt Hollywood puts on quite the show at Sanctuary Cove and now at Broadbeach every week. This performance covers all the big‑ticket magic items, such as levitation, sawing people in half, disappearing tricks, and audience interaction. He also chains himself to dangerous things which makes you feel genuinely worried about who will tell his mum that he didn’t make it.


Magic VIP tickets

We here at Silver Magazine were invited along to the show as VIP guests to check it out and report back. While we would love to tell you about all the things that happened, we kind of can’t, because it would ruin the surprise.

What we can say is this. The show is very much of the variety of old-school entertainment that is hard to find these days. The kids in the audience absolutely loved it, especially when they were asked to help with tricks and illusions. Adults were dragged into the show, risking things like watches and wallets, much to their delight. It seemed like Matt Hollywood was trying to get to every single person in the audience with his skullduggery.

The biggest draw of the night, however, is Matt Hollywood himself. Looking like a charismatic magic Ken Doll, he’s witty, confident and never acts like he’s under pressure, despite being chained to something that might actually scalp him in front of Gold Coasters looking for a thrill.

Many celebs have been to Matt Hollywood’s show here at the Coast. So much so, that there’s a discreet celebrity and VIP entrance available. So you may even get some people-spotting done on the night.

Matt also does private events. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering for 15 guests, or a larger and more elaborate corporate event for 600 guests, then he can put on a roving magic show that will blow all your other Christmas parties or events out of the water. Can someone please hold one of these events and invite us, thanks.

With the school holidays upon us, grab the grandkids and check it out!  


The show is now on every Friday & Saturday night at 6.30pm at Sanctuary Cove and every Wednesday at The Roosevelt Lounge in Broadbeach. Bookings are essential.



or call (07)5577-8999.

Enough indoors stuff! Now let’s get outdoors!

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