Active, heathly, happy. Physical activity is one of the most important things you CAN do to improve your overall quality of life. The City’s Active & Healthy classes are free or nearly free and are perfect for seniors!

Being active is vital. Not only does regular exercise help improve balance, maintains mobility and strength but it also plays a significant role in the prevention, treatment and management of many chronic health conditions.

Says 80-year-old John, “I owe the Australian Academy of Tai Chi, Rod Ferguson and the City of Gold Coast a great debt of gratitude for without them my health would not be where it is now. For 6 months I attended the tai chi classes regularly and noticed an overall improvement in my physical condition. I was called into hospital for a triple bypass and fell both physically and mentally ready for surgery. I sailed through the operation with no problems and have maintained excellent health and activity ever since.”

The physical benefits are great! But it’s the mental and social benefits that come from regularly connecting with others, having fun and staying strong that really drive home the importance of remaining active as we age.

The City’s Active & Healthy classes are all run by supportive, friendly, and qualified instructors and each class is designed to improve your:

  • body’s function, strength and range of movement
  • balance and coordination
  • bone and muscle development
  • social connection and interaction
  • mental wellbeing and happiness.

The City of Gold Coast offers classes that are gentle and progressive. They also offer classes that are great for those up for more of a challenge. Let age be no barrier! It is time to reconnect with others and join in one of the City’s many Active & Healthy classes. Embrace living a happy, healthy lifestyle right here on the Gold Coast.

Stay Active with TAI CHI

Tai chi is a healing martial art combining many movements with qi (energy), circulation, breathing and stretching techniques. Qualified instructors will guide you through a series of movements to help promote harmony, improve mobility and suppleness, and increase mental alertness. 25 free or low-cost classes on offer.


Exercising in water builds cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility. It also helps burn body fat, increase circulation and speed rehabilitation after illness or injury. These low impact classes include aqua fitness, deep water running and water therapy and will support your physical wellbeing, promote relaxation, reduce stress and relieve pain. On offer in local pools from $3 to $5 per class.

Stay Active with GENTLE YOGA

Improve strength, flexibility and mobility through poses specially adapted for seniors at any level of health and fitness. Perfect for all skill levels including beginners, these classes combine gentle stretching, traditional yoga poses and breath work to help you build strength and confidence. Over 40 classes available.


This is a great class for men of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels to improve their general strength and conditioning. Work at your own level in these classes that focus on stretching, cardio and strength training. Come join trainer Bill for a laugh and a great workout!


Improve stability, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility and wellbeing. Experienced senior fitness trainers will help take you through exercises targeting balance, mobility and strength. Great for all levels. 20 classes on offer, $3-$5 per class.


These classes aim to restore and rehabilitate; combining strength training, mobility and core work to improve strength, balance and mobility. Classes provide structured exercises for seniors with chronic health conditions or mobility concerns. Only $3-$5 per class.

Stay active ... always!


This class combines cognitive function through games, patterns, balance and memory tasks combined within an exercise class. The class will help you become stronger and fitter while improving your memory and balance all in the one class.

Being active indoors as well as out!


Ever wanted to cruise the waterways on a SUP but not sure how to start? Starting from the shore, the lesson progresses in small steps with the goal of getting everyone up and standing on the water. This is a fun, non-competitive class and is on offer at Budds Beach, Surfers. Only $5!

Stay Active!


The City is offering popular classes online and many of these online classes can be accessed at times more suited to you and they’re a great way for people to get a taste of a new class in the privacy of their own home. Online classes include tai chi, yoga, pilates and senior fitness. Find classes at


Grab the grandkids and join in one of hundreds of free and low-cost activities on offer each holiday through the Active & Healthy Holiday Program. Kicking off from December, feature activities include pop up playgrounds, tie dye, bubble fun, ninja warrior courses, splashtastic fun, surf safety, art and craft, movies in the park and so much more.

Active! Getting out with the grandkids!

To find a class near you, pick up an Active & Healthy Lifestyle Guide from your local library. CALL 1300 465 326 to have one sent in the mail or check out the Active & Healthy calendar online at

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