Endoscopy is a diagnostic tool that could save your life. Gastroenterologist Kashif Sheikh says the quality of the procedure can make all the difference to clinical outcomes.

Dr Kashif Sheikh, The Gold Coast Private specialist, diagnoses and treats gastrointestinal disorders. He provides endoscopy assessments to diagnose conditions such as stomach cancer, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatic and liver disorders.

Dr Sheikh’s streamlined and comprehensive endoscopy service focuses on finding the right answers quickly, giving patients peace of mind, or the ability to start their treatment immediately for the best chance of recovery.

Maintaining quality and consistency, and ensuring endoscopy was performed to Australian standards by an experienced and accredited gastroenterologist, is critical to patient health.

Dr Sheikh said meticulous preparation was the first step to a successful diagnosis. “We work closely with patients to create an individualised plan with a variety of options that prepare them for their procedure while minimising the impact on their lives. This may include offering low volume liquid preparations or tablet-based preparations to flush out the bowel or clear the digestive tract. This dedicated focus on preparation reduces the need for repeat procedures and improves the detection rate of polyps and cancers.

“At Gold Coast Private Hospital, we have the latest technology with high definition that allows us to see inside the body in detail, providing a clear assessment of the anatomy which is the first step to successful treatment. We utilise the modern technology to its maximum potential – taking the time and attention to get the most benefits out of its functions. The combination of my experience, state-of-the-art scopes and a world-class private hospital means I can endeavour to provide optimal care for my patients.”

Dr Sheikh said while a quick diagnosis meant less stress and better outcomes for patients, a focus on follow-up and ongoing care was also critical. “We empower patients by providing detailed, verbal and written information about their diagnosis and clear treatment plans. It is important to remember that endoscopy is also a useful tool in excluding a  significant problem, giving patients peace of mind and GPs the options to explore other management avenues if required. Regardless of the diagnosis, we work closely with GPs and other specialists to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care that carries on long-past the endoscopic procedure to help keep our patients healthy now and into the future.”

Dr Sheikh said endoscopy was performed as a day procedure under sedation with the highly experienced team at Gold Coast Private Hospital’s Day Surgery Centre. “Modern anaesthetic techniques help to maximise early recovery, minimise postoperative discomfort and promote early, safe discharge. We work alongside specialist anaesthetists to provide the best sedation options for our patients so that in almost all cases, patients can go home on the same day as the procedure.”

In addition to endoscopy, Dr Sheikh provides specialist consultation services for a wide variety of gastrointestinal disorders including liver and pancreatic disease.

For information contact: Dr Kashif Sheikh (MBBS MRCP FRACP) Suite 3, 82 Queen Street Southport 4215 P : 0755913155, F: 0755916114 E: recpetion@drob.com.au

Dr Sheikh offers no-gap for privately insured patients.

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