GPs can now refer a patient to a single practice for any orthopaedic condition. The Orthopaedic Clinics Gold Coast (OCGC) group provides a unique and innovative approach to delivering quality orthopaedic care under one roof

Established in 2017, the group has moved away from the ‘single surgeon practice’ model, instead combing six surgeons covering upper and lower limb, hand, pelvic, foot, ankle and sporting injuries, to name a few.

Founding member of OCGC, lower limb surgeon James Reidy, said there were plans to expand the group this year, including the addition of a spinal surgeon.

“It is clear that we are greater than the sum of our parts,” said Dr Reidy. “With increasing levels of specialisation within the discipline of orthopaedics, OCGC is well placed to deliver comprehensive care under a single brand. For GPs, they no longer have to wonder who the correct person is to receive a shoulder patient, or which particular surgeon offers a desired approach to joint replacement. A generic referral to the group is all that is needed to set the train in motion and our internal systems efficiently directs the right patient to the right doctor. This streamlined approach means shorter waiting times and a world class service, delivered at three convenient locations across the Gold Coast. We also have a GP hotline if the need for further consultation or questions arise.”

OCGC surgeon Jason Tsung said the surgeons involved in the venture all undertook postspecialisation fellowship training in a special area of interest, resulting in an unprecedented range of therapies offered through a single point of contact.

“A healthy atmosphere of collegiality and cooperation exists within the group,” said Dr Tsung. “Some of our patients with more complex problems are reassured by the multi-disciplinary nature of our practice. If I need a second opinion, or face a challenging problem, I simply go to the next door office. As a surgeon it also encourages accountability to the patients, the practice and each other.”

OCGC upper limb surgeon Fraser Taylor said ongoing education was also a focus. “The presence of a dedicated educational and liaison officer within the practice is a testament to our commitment in this area. We have taken an increasing role in presenting high quality educational events to GPs on the Gold Coast, even attracting interstate delegates. We pride ourselves on our CPD-accredited educational events, which is a great way to connect with our generalist colleagues. Our programs are structured to deliver concise topics that have been identified by GPs’ themselves.”

Dr Taylor said combining expert care with a collaborative approach and a commitment to education aims to make a positive impact in orthopaedic care on the Gold Coast. “This dynamic and motivated group are sure to create an impressive legacy on the Gold Coast orthopaedic landscape.”   

For information contact: Orthopaedic Clinics Gold Coast

P: 1300399223, F: 07 3041 5087


For GP Help or Acute Referrals: 07 2101 2655

Dr James Reidy

Lower Limb & Pelvic Trauma

Dr Fraser Taylor

Shoulder and Upper Limb

Dr Jason Tsung

Hip & Knee

Dr Francois Tudor

Lower limb & Trauma

Dr William Talbot

Shoulder, Knee & Trauma

Dr Matt Alfredson

Trauma & Lower Limb

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