Pool overhaul time. Have you been a little less than happy with the look or function of your pool lately? Starting to wonder if it might be time for a remodel? We are here to help you make that decision.

Like any other feature of your home, there will eventually come a time when your own private artificial lake needs a face-lift or an upgrade. Here are the 5 most common signs that it’s time for repair or renovations!

Boy swimming in his pool underwater

Pool time! Winter schmzinter… get your face wet!

1 Your Pool has Cracks or Other Signs of Damage

If unseemly cracks or peeling are keeping you from enjoying your pool fully, you may want to consider a lining repair or re-tiling. An expert can evaluate the damage and tell you if it’s merely an aesthetic problem, or if it possibly has underlying safety or long-term quality reduction issues. Damage such as this sometimes leads people to decide it’s a good time for a total overhaul, while others choose to undergo minor repairs.

2 You’re Unhappy With the Appearance

If your pool was installed or updated over a decade ago, you’ll probably start noticing that it’s out of style. Also, personal tastes change over the years, and you may just find yourself longing for a different size or look. Many times, homeowners purchased their home with the pool already built, so they did not get to have a personal say in the design. A renovation can be a great opportunity to customise the pool to your preferences. Maybe that means new tiles or lining, a different shape, or adding a water feature or a hot tub. Whatever it is you feel is lacking, personal preference is a perfectly good reason to go through a remodel. Also consider that updating the style and adding new features will increase its appeal to potential buyers later on!

3 There’s No Modern Safety Features

Families with young children should be especially aware of the possible safety concerns that can surface as a pool ages. Newer pools include safety features that older ones are often lacking. A  remodel would allow you to get up-to-date in this way by extending the shallow end, installing a better safety fence, or adding other needed safety features. This is a priceless type of renovation that will pay off for years to come.

4 Disastrous Energy Efficiency

Swimming pools built over ten years ago are nowhere near as economical and energy efficient as pools today. Though a renovation will cost you some money upfront, it will end up saving you in the long run as modern equipment allows your pool to function more efficiently.

5 Your Pool Needs Frequent Repair

If you find your pool is often out of commission, or you notice that you’ve been having to call for repair service more often than usual, it may mean that your pool is reaching an age at which it’s more cost effective and convenient to undergo a more major renovation, rather than constantly adding up small repairs. You may choose to replace just some of its main mechanisms, or undergo a more thorough remodel.

pool with water running out

There is such a thing as too much pool

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