Don’t let your age stop the party… there are so many new aids that will keep you at the top of your game. Adaptive Equipment will help you achieve what you want even through the restraints of old age.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment are a Gold Coast family-owned and operated business. Silver Magazine had a spin around their products. They have everything from mobility scooters, walkers, wheelchairs to daily living aids. Here are our favourites!

Uccello Tipper Kettle

This amazing gadget gives you effortless pouring action. Its non‑weight-bearing ’tilt and pour’ action directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the kettle from its cradle. It has an ergonomic handle. The weighted base arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot
water safely and easily. You can pick it up for $143.

The Uccello Tipper Kettle adaptive equipment
The Uccello Tipper Kettle

Merits Transit Wheelchair

If you are out and about with relatives or friends this is a great lightweight mobility aid that can be thrown into the boot of any car. This handy wheelchair is a superlight gadget that weighs just 9.5kg in total. Its aluminium frame is easy to fold, and the backrest folds for a quick pack‑up. It has puncturefree tyres and is a bargain at just $379.

The Merits Transit Wheelchair
The Merits Transit Wheelchair

Jarkey Jar Opener

With the JarKey hidden away in your kitchen drawer, all your jar problems will be solved – for good! Just position the JarKey against the rim of the lid of the jar you want to open and gently lift the key until the middle of the lid pops up. The JarKey provides you with the leverage you need to open any jar…and you don’t need to be Hercules to use it! And it is just $15!

The Jarkey Jar Opener adaptive equipment
The Jarkey Jar Opener

TOPGUN TG1150G Golf Mobility Scooter

This is the Rolls Royce of scooters. This beast commands respect with its authoritative presence. Designed for dynamic performance under all conditions, the TG1150G delivers remarkable standard features like multi tilt steering adjustment for ergonomic positioning of the tiller, classy alloy wheels, and LED lighting for maximum brightness. It has two side mirrors and centre review mirror, sturdy canopy roof, protective full windscreen and a huge lockable rear box included as standard. It has a lightweight lithium battery combined with a powerful 1300W motor and world class electronic. The TopGun Scooter range has an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The TOPGUN TG1150G Golf Mobility Scooter
The TOPGUN TG1150G Golf Mobility Scooter

TOPGUN Tranzforma Mobility Scooter

This is mobility genius. This indoor-outdoor transformer goes from power chair with indoor manoeuvrability to outdoor scooter in seconds. So many fantastic features are jam-packed into this gadget. It has a lightweight, long life lithium battery. But they have thought of the little things too, like a double drink holder. It has on-board storage under the seat, as well as a front carry basket on the scooter section. The tyres are puncture proof, and it has a quiet, seamless motor. You’ll be at that party in no time. This is a snip at $3,799. The TopGun Scooter range has an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The TOPGUN Tranzforma Mobility Scooter adaptive equipment
The TOPGUN Tranzforma Mobility Scooter

Etac Immedia Swivel Cushion

This little piece of brilliance is a soft swivel cushion that makes it easier for the user to get in and out of a car or bed. It helps prevent strain on your knees, hip and back, while the non‑slip underside prevents you from sliding out of position. And it is just $150.

The Etac Immedia Swivel Cushion

Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Walker

This flash-looking walker is super lightweight – it has a 5kg carbon fibre frame. And, it comes with a bonus cane holder. It has a luxury look and feel – Danish design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings, ergonomic handles and refined colours. It has a small turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability. It locks when folded, making transportation and storage easier. Also, it features advanced locking handbrakes – for increased user safety when walking and sitting. The removable utility bag can hold up to 5kg and can be removed for shopping. This is a hot deal for $665.

The Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Walker adaptive equipment
The Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Walker

Check out the Adaptive Equipment website here.

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