Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities are here to myth-bust some common misconceptions about lifestyle care communities! 

There are a lot of assumptions made about aged care and what entering an aged care community will look like. This often leads to many having questions or adopting a wary attitude.

Odyssey is fairly young, having been open just over a year, and there is still a lot of misconception around what Odyssey is, how it’s different from other aged care alternatives, and what the lifestyle within the community looks like.

To some, aged care can mean no longer being able to schedule their own life, missing out on family events, or feeling separated from the wider community. This is precisely why Odyssey was founded – to differ from the traditional aged care model and provide care in a nurturing and supportive community.

Created on the premise of being the best alternative to traditional aged care, Odyssey offers a lifestyle-orientated community. Couples stay together, pets are welcome, grandkids have sleepovers and most importantly, the comfort, dignity, and independence of residents is the first priority.

Odyssey Bright Futures

Odyssey is all about creating a bright future for elderly Australians, led by a consumer-centric ethos that ensures residents are listened to and heard. As Odyssey continues to inspire the industry, it’s time to address the positive aspects of ageing. Let’s myth-bust some common assumptions about what a lifestyle care community offers and how it benefits seniors, the community and the wider industry.

Myth 1: Deferred Managed Fees (DMF) are a rip-off At Odyssey, we believe the years you spend with us should be enjoyed. Our DMF option is designed with you in mind. You can defer some of the cost until you leave, so you have access to more funds now, to enjoy your retirement.

Myth 2: My partner needs care, but as I don’t, we’ll be separated Couples stay together at Odyssey. Our range of first-class care and services are fully customisable and provided to residents in their own apartment. This is according to their individual needs.

These can be adapted for each person and adjusted over time as those needs change. This is similar for people fearing they will be separated from their partner who has dementia. In most cases, couples can live together in their own apartment at Odyssey, regardless of their individual and unique care needs. And as it’s provided at cost, you’ll only ever pay for what you need.

Myth 3: I’ll need to move again if my care needs change Not true! In most cases, a move to Odyssey is the only move you’ll need to make. With our range of care options, you can increase or decrease care if and when required. As previously mentioned, it’s provided at cost, so you’ll only ever pay for what you need.

Myth 4: I’ll have to leave my pets behind We not only accommodate for small and medium pets at Odyssey, we encourage residents to bring them along! At Odyssey, your comfort and quality of life is our first priority. It’s your home, so your pets are welcome as you please. What’s more, our staff can help you give your pets a walk or bath if needed.

Myth 5: A one-bedroom apartment will be too small for me Odyssey’s apartments are spacious and far exceed the industry standards, offering between 75-90sqm. Not only is your bedroom separate from your living space, but you’ll enjoy a full-size kitchen, internal laundry, balcony, and lots of storage. And you can make your home your own, maintaining your individuality by furnishing it to your taste.

Myth 6: You have to be a millionaire to live at Odyssey False! Odyssey is upmarket, but we have financial options that will most likely allow you to live with us. In general, if you own your own home on the Gold Coast, we believe you will be able to afford the move to our community.

Myth 7: I must have an ACAT assessment to move to Odyssey Not at all! We are not a government-funded residential aged care facility, so we don’t require you to undergo an ACAT assessment. We are a retirement lifestyle community with our own 24/7 care staff.

Myth 8: I will lose my home care team At Odyssey. You can bring your care team with you, regardless of who that is, or not. It is completely up to you. It’s just a simple address change for your care team!


Putting People First

The Odyssey model has set an excellent precedent in the industry by demonstrating the power of putting people first. Transitioning into aged care, should be an exciting time where seniors meet like-minded people. They can continue their independence, receive on-site care if needed and interact with family, friends and the wider community. ■ 

If you would like to experience the alternative to traditional aged care, arrange a time to visit and book a tour via 07 5551 6720. Odyssey is a three-tower luxury aged care community, located at the high-profile site on the corner of Christine Avenue and The Crestway at Robina. It has set a new benchmark for the sector with an extensive offering of five-star accommodation, care services and amenities for residents.    

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