AS THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING era draws in, you may notice that across the Gold Coast, finding a car park can become a bit of a scrimmage. If searching for a park is not your thing, but you want to spend your day shopping in glorious aircon, then make your way to Pacific Fair. Now, they have valet parking. All you do is drive up to the valet parking area, hand over your keys, and these delightful little elves park your car for you. And for seniors, it’s only 5 bucks! If you try out this service and like it, then you can become a member of the Valet Parking service. Just ask the team on arrival.

Stress-free parking is not the only advantage of using the valet parking. They also have a hands-free shopping service. This is amazing! When you are in a shop and you buy things, you can leave your stuff in the shop. Tell the shop staff that valet will come and get it. Then you call the number on the ticket that the valet desk has given you (07 5581 5152). They will come to the shop, pick up your parcels, and put them directly into your car! Isn’t that amazing! And you can do that all day long! The valet elves will just keep coming back to pick up your stuff!

Valet parking is located on Level 1 of the Purple Car Park, up the ramp off Hooker Boulevard. Hours are: Monday – Wednesday – 10am to 4pm, Thursday – Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm.

While you’re at Pacific Fair, why not visit the other great activities that they put up for offer for seniors? Take a quick look, just click right here to learn more about Pac Fair and what they offer for seniors!

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