Don’t go chasing waterfalls – except this one. Yes, you can own the crest of a waterfall in an astounding part of the world and build a rainforest retreat right over it. Well you can if you get the planning permission overlords on board, says Nicole Buckler.

For the first time in over 50 years, this piece of land is for sale. It straddles the crest of a stunning waterfall in Springbrook. The strip is 4.22 ha of pure Airbnb dreams. Yes, you could buy this land and build a rainforest eco lodge and then you won’t have to work at McDonalds anymore. You can be a hotelier and meditation/manbun guru for the rest of your days. And we all love a man bun.

Waterfall in Springbrook for sale!


Only 40km from the Gold Coast, reconstruction of the Gold Coast Springbrook Rd is on track for completion soon. So the man-buns can cycle their way to the rainforest retreat on their bikes made from recycled shoes and broken biscuits or whatever they make such bikes from these days.

The auction for the property has been postponed, due to a wrangle with the council in terms of access and dwelling approval. As soon as it is fixed, it’s game time. For now, you have time to try to raise funds by selling off every item in your house including your granny. So get started.

Waterfall in Springbrook for sale!

If you are the highest bidder on this Springbrook Road Waterfall crest, your future will be a bright one full of birdsong and probably the common death adder. You could build all sorts of waterfall retreats in here. The land is privately positioned amongst hundreds of acres of conservation land on over 10 acres of rain forest living. And, the pristine Waterfall Creek runs year-round through the middle of the property. So the good news is that you won’t have an off season. The bad news is that you won’t have an off-season. Other man buns will never stop wanting to be brought freshly-squeezed beetroot and fingerlime juice. All. Year. Round.

Waterfall in Springbrook for sale!


But let’s be real here, this is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a rare freehold property at the crest of a waterfall, close to the Gold Coast and its amazing lifestyle and beautiful beaches. This property would make a unrivalled family estate or remarkable retreat. Commercialisation of this property is limited only by your imagination and government approvals. Keep an eye on this property if you do in fact see yourself as a yogi who instructs people on how to find their inner calm/warm jam centre.


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