Independence: How To Live The Life You Want, On Your Own Terms

Independence: How To Live The Life You Want, On Your Own Terms

Independence: 81-year-old Burleigh resident and Feros Care client, Pamela Cook, was raised to believe that women are determined, self-resilient, and capable. That’s why she found it so difficult to admit she needed help when her degenerative spine began to prevent her from bending or reaching.

“We were raised to think ‘yes we can do that, yes we can do anything’ so it’s a bit hard when you’ve got to admit you can’t do it,” Pamela says. “The good thing is there’s plenty of help out there and once you accept it, it’s given with such love.”

How To Accept Help When It’s Offered

Pamela accessed help via her government-funded Home Care Package and worked with Feros Care Wellbeing Manager Rachael Stiles to determine what she wanted, what she needed and what she dreamed of.

Pamela now enjoys working with her care workers as a team to get tasks done and finds the goal setting to be very motivating.

“It’s hard to give up your independence completely, so I do the bits I can and get help with the rest,” Pamela says. “I can put my bedsheets in the washing machine and take them from the line but my care workers, Christine and Brenda, hang everything out and make the bed for me. It’s nice to still be able to contribute.”

How The Feros Care Team Has Helped

“I help people live the life they want, at home, on their own terms.” That’s how Wellbeing Manager Rachael Stiles describes her role. Rachael takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and a pragmatic view of home care, looking at the key areas of a person’s life – all the way from the physical and emotional to the social, environmental, and more.

“I offer guidance and make recommendations but ultimately I help people set and achieve purposeful goals to support a ‘true’ quality of life,” says Rachael. “It’s a partnership we are entering into with each client. We are partnering with them to support them to live the life they want and dream of – not just to do their chores for them. Having a goal can really help to ignite something in people.”

independence later in life with feros care
Help is just a few clicks away

Independence Maintained – Every Step Of The Way

Rachael says that the practical side is easy – if a client says they’re having trouble cleaning their house, it’s straightforward to arrange domestic services. But it’s also so much more than just putting services in place.

“The bigger challenge is helping clients determine their goals but once they are understood, that’s where we see the big changes. We work collaboratively with clients, connect to their purpose, reignite their passions, and understand what’s important for them to regain or maintain independence, that’s when their quality of life really improves. It takes a team to help people achieve clients’ goals but when they do, it is life-changing and absolutely worth every bit of effort.” ■

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