Things We Love: Sleep Doctor Adjustable Beds

Things We Love: Sleep Doctor Adjustable Beds

As we get older, sleep can be more and more elusive. But not anymore. Bed technology has come a long way. The team from Silver went to Sleep Doctor at Bundall to try out their Reverie adjustable bed and it was fiiiine! This crazy cool bed comes with loads of awesome features!

GETTING A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP plays a vital role in mental health and wellbeing. We need sleep to function in our everyday lives to be productive, creative, have energy, and just be the amazing, glamorous you.

Whether you are 18 or 80, sleeping on an adjustable bed provides many health benefits:

■ Decreases swelling in joints and ligaments

■ Eases edema pain due to fluid retention

■ Minimizes snoring, asthma, and insomnia

■ Relief from acid reflux and heartburn

■ Alleviates back pain and sciatica

■ Aids with diet and digestion

■ Improved blood circulation.


The 9T Adjustable Power Base is something else! It has the most elegant power base on the market. You can adjust the head and the foot of the bed. This is using a whisper-quiet lift system.

Sleep Doctor adjustable beds
Adjustable beds


You can adjust the bed with the Bluetooth wireless remote, up or down. But there are also pre-programmed positions, for that anti-gravity feel, for anti-snoring positions, and normal flat positions.

sleep doctor remote


The Reverie Nightstand app can be downloaded from the Playstore or the Apple store. The innovative app controls all functions of the adjustable base from your phone. You can save your favorite positions and massage settings. You can even combine position settings with a timer. Not a morning person? You can program the bed to wake you up in your favorite position using the alarm function. You can save a program before bed… like massage in zero gravity for 15 minutes, lay flat for 30 minutes, then switch to anti-snore and fall asleep.

Massage App
The App


The massage function is outstanding! It has 10 intensity levels, full-body, and 4 wave modes. A recent university study showed that using 3D Wave massage for 30 minutes before sleep helps people wake up more refreshed and happier.

Massage Tech


You can control both sides of your split adjustable bed from one screen to one phone. Spouse snoring? Activate the anti-snore position on his or her side from your phone.

Split King


There is an Under-bed LED nightlight, to save falls and knocking into stuff!

night light


ProGrip technology is used to secure the mattress and the Wall-Snuggler design keeps the nightstand within reach. This bed fits most modern bed frames and headboards, and headboard brackets are included.


We love the free local delivery, the free local installation, and best of all…the free removal of the old mattress. Amazing service!

To try out the beds:

Sleep Doctor

Ph: (07) 3568 3888

1B / 71 Upton St Bundall

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