Don’t Travel Between Appointments! There’s Now a One-Stop Care Spot for Breast Cancer.

Don’t Travel Between Appointments! There’s Now a One-Stop Care Spot for Breast Cancer.

Gold Coast Private Hospital have just launched a dedicated Breast Care Centre. This means that women with breast cancer can get a range of services under one roof. And, you aren’t going it alone. A dedicated breast care nurse is there to guide the patients through the different stages of their treatment.

The centre, at the Gold Coast Private Hospital, offers on-site breast surgeons, nurses, radiographers, psychologists, physiotherapists, oncologists (medical and radiation), pathologists and a geneticist. This is to ensure everything is provided on-site.

Breast Care Nurse Sharra Artz, who has over 20 years’ experience in oncology nursing, has been fundamental in setting up the service and is essential in the patient’s breast cancer journey. “I feel very blessed in my role of being able to offer support, education, guidance, comfort and a friendly face. It must be one of the most challenging and overwhelming times in someone’s life. My role is to be by the patient’s side from the beginning. I gently guide and answer questions and ensure all the patients’ needs are being met – right into survivorship where women need a different type of emotional support.”

It is not uncommon for women to experience discomfort after their procedures. Hence, the hospital has created a nurturing take-home care pack. Partnering with local businesses, the  pack includes deodorant paste from Beautiful Batches, lip balm from A Bit Hippy, healing balms and wound care from Great Health Company and breast pillows from St  James Church sewing group.

Breast Cancer Patient Tani Nokes said, “I  feel really blessed with the support l got from the hospital and was fortunate to get an early diagnosis. I tell everyone I know to get an ultrasound now. Although it may sound strange, but it was a wonderful experience at what could have been a very stressful time. I had no idea what to expect and I was able to contact Nurse Sharra at any time of the day or night, I didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

Under the care of Breast Surgeon Heidi Peverill, Tani had a biopsy that found a small tumour. She did not need chemotherapy, and started Radiation Oncology with Dr Dominic Lunn.

The Breast Care Centre is committed to providing superior breast care in one location. Diagnostic, imaging and treatment schedules are all part of the service.

Healthscope’s Gold Coast Private Hospital owns and operates the centre. They are leaders in bringing together the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. This particular team specialises in the treatment of benign and malignant cancers. Also, it offers breast implant safety checks and ultrasounds.

The Breast Care Centre is supported by onsite chemotherapy services including a Day Infusion Centre and Radiation Oncology. This provides patients with the highest quality care in both medical and emotional support. ■

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