Burleigh Bears and Sports Club Join The Renovation Nation!

Burleigh Bears and Sports Club Join The Renovation Nation!

Burleigh Sports Club and the Burleigh Bears Leagues Club have undergone some impressive renovations. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for! 

Burleigh Heads Rugby League Football club is one of the oldest rugby league clubs on the Gold Coast. It was originally formed in 1934 with Rudd Park as its home ground. In 1971, the club relocated to Pizzey Park, which is still their current home.

The club was founded to produce great footballers to provide a social club for the population of the local area. The two clubs have been hugely popular ever since.

Burleigh Bears – A Silver Favourite

The Over 50s love it. Both the Burleigh Bears and the Sports Club have a range of leisure offerings from a café, to dining, a lounge, a sports bars, and gaming. No matter what your preference you will find something that appeals in both venues. Over 50s specifically can benefit from the fact both of the venues are constructed on a single level, with ample car-parking close to the front entrances. They have a variety of access options for persons of all abilities. They also offer one of the best value food and beverage offerings on the coast and a variety of really fun promotions.

The biggest news though is that they are currently renovating the clubs. The renovations will include the relocation of the entry, a new and modern Sports Bar which is inclusive of an indoor-outdoor dining experience. Plus, the modernisation of the gaming room. The restaurant, lounge bar and gaming room have been open throughout the renovations!

Burleigh Bears Renovations

The work at both Clubs is essential for the Bears to provide a premium hospitality offering to their members and guests. They operate in a very competitive food and beverage environment at the Southern end of the Gold Coast. Residents have no shortage of choice in where they spend their leisure time. It is essential that they continue to serve members and continually improve their offering.

The existing Burleigh Bears Clubhouse had been constructed as a traditional Leagues Club with a strong emphasis on the public bar, limited dining, canteen and targeted at the football-focused customer base. The works they will undertake will modernise the venue and broaden its appeal to general members as well as respecting their Rugby League roots.

Burleigh Sports Club and the Burleigh Bears Leagues Club

The Burleigh Sports Clubhouse was a purposebuilt Club from the early 2000s. The venue is well built and practical but aesthetically dated. It is important to modernise the venue to continue to offer an exciting and high-quality offering to members.

Why Now?

The Club has been trading well despite the disruption brought about by Covid in the past two years. They were in a fortunate position to be able to carry out this work in a single stage at both venues and significantly transform both venues in a short period of time.

With the assistance of the Architect’s Project Leaders, they have been able to package the work at both Clubs into a single contract with Hutchinson Builders. The time was right for them to reset the foundation of what they offered to members.

Burleigh Sports Club and the Burleigh Bears Leagues Club

What’s New?

At Burleigh Sports Club, the primary emphasis has been on aesthetics and modernising the venue. At the Bears Club, the emphasis has been two-pronged. They are modernising the venue but are also making significant changes to the internal layout. This is to increase the café, lounge, and food offerings including outdoor dining and to make the venue more broadly appealing. The work should please existing members and guests and also appeal to a broader cross-section of the community. The changes should be very positive.

With the Gold Coast population expanding at such a fast rate, the clubs are well placed. Both Burleigh Bears and Burleigh Sports were originally built with some ‘future proofing’ in mind. The venues are large-format and can accommodate large crowds regardless of whether it is a special event, a game day or some other unique occasion. They have ample car parking, and the venues have been specifically designed to have a mix of large open spaces and intimate spaces. They are appealing regardless of how busy the venue is.

Burleigh Sports Club and the Burleigh Bears Leagues Club

All profits made by the club go back into the community, supporting members, charitable organisations and sporting groups. The clubs welcome growth in the region and look forward to continuing to serve the Gold Coast community regardless of how much expansion there is! ■  

Don’t forget to grab a coffee to go with it!

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