This semi-permanent treatment saves you precious time before going out, it won’t rub off or run during exercise or when swimming. It’s also a fabulous alternative if you struggle to apply makeup without your glasses on, or if you’ve got shaking hands and tremors. Your makeup will remain intact, regardless.

Permanent makeup on Silvers

Age is no barrier when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. There are some fascinating new techniques. We can create naturally soft and hyper-realistic eyebrows. We can create a  thicker/fuller looking lash line. Soft, shaded lips have never been easier. This means that you can wake up every day looking fresh-faced, sporting that youthful glow. And best of all, no one would ever know!

Natural looking permanent makeup

While permanent makeup has been around for many years, it has definitely come a long way. It’s no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity! Good cosmetic tattooing is a complete game[1]changer and when done well, it will literally change your life!

Beautiful lip makeup

The new cosmetic tattooing techniques today are so much softer, sophisticated and able to provide a truly enhanced but natural look. These advances have broadened the appeal to a  much wider age demographic. Natural, beautiful brows are so much easier to create these days with the new feather-stroke and powder ombre techniques. These allow us to achieve a lovely 3D effect of simulated hairs rather than the old block techniques. These new techniques let us create a beautiful shape that can give the illusion of a more youthful, slightly lifted eyebrow  – the key is to enhance one’s features without looking artificial.

So Why the Need for Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Over time, our eyebrows disappear with age. They can also go grey and look like they are fading away!  Eyebrows are important. They frame your eyes and give your face a natural lift. So what is a 50+ gal to do? Bring life back to your face!  As we age, it is inevitable that facial features shift and alter. Changes in bone structure, hair loss, fat distribution, muscle drooping and skin wrinkling all happen. However, cosmetic tattooing techniques are evolving, and you can look fabulous thanks to advances in this fascinating beauty space.

Strong Eyebrow game


One of the questions I ask in my clinic is, “Do you get injectables? Are you planning to do so in the future?” They can be incredibly complementary and can aid in softening any facial asymmetries. They might relax that one eyebrow that likes to pull up. Or, they might add extra volume to a person’s face. Knowing about injectables is also important in determining the placement of any cosmetic tattooing.


I’m a huge powder brow fan. This means that the tattoo heals to resemble a soft ‘powdery’ brow – almost identical to when you use makeup to fill in a sparse brow. This technique not only ages well, but it suits almost 100% of skin types. As it ages, it fades away with no hard lines or harsh colours.


Another two treatments that work really well together are fillers and lip tattooing. Lips start slowly losing thickness from the age of 16! And over the following decades, our lips become smaller and flatter so in conjunction with injectables we can reverse this aging-lip look completely. Injectables keep ageing in the face at bay, as well as in the lips. And, they keep things ‘symmetrical’  – this applies to muscle relaxants as well. With lip-filler, it’s recommended to have this done 14  days before a cosmetic tattooing procedure to let any bruising, or discomfort subside. Have your eyebrows tattooed BEFORE having any injectables. This will allow the tattooist to see what their facial muscles do, and how the brows look in their natural resting state.


Many of the smaller liners or lash enhancements are no problem to do before, or after a client has had injectables or filler. However, if we are talking ‘wings or wedges’ then have the tattooing done when they are in their most natural state. If you have had a Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) within the past 12 months, you must let this heal properly from the inside out and settle fully before having any tattooing around your eyes. The procedure does stretch the skin quite tightly.

By Katherine McCann of Facebox HQ, A Bespoke Cosmetic Clinic In Ashmore Plaza.


You can take years off your appearance and refresh your look with cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing is a constantly advancing industry and can do amazing things for your look. Now, you can wake up looking your most beautiful self without any effort. Beauty technology? We love you. ■

See for further info on any cosmetic tattooing procedures.

KATHERINE MCCANN is an advanced cosmetic tattooist and educator, and the founder of FaceBox. She is known for her ultra-realistic and natural tattooing style. She is an industry advisor, editorial journalist, award-winning cosmetic tattooist and educator. Katherine holds postgraduate qualifications in HR, behavioural science and strategic business development. She works with APAN as a strategic business and governance advisor and with Australian educational providers as a trainer. She also has a passion for working with women with injuries, scarring and disfigurement. Katherine is a ‘go to guru’ by many of her cosmetic tattooing colleagues and is a huge advocate for ongoing education, confidence building, mentorship and technical skill refinement. 

Katherine Maccann
Katherine Maccann

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