Gourmet Meals: Lovin’ Gluten-Free From The Oven

Gourmet Meals: Lovin’ Gluten-Free From The Oven

Gourmet Meals: Even if you don’t have a problem with gluten, you might want to skip it anyway, just because you will feel better. Here’s how to make it easy. 

GOURMET MEALS is a company that makes well-balanced, nutritious and great-tasting snap frozen meals. The Gourmet Meals are prepared by internationally trained chefs. No longer do you need to worry about what to have for dinner each night; simply remove your Gourmet Meal from the freezer, heat and enjoy!

This is good news for those who have issues with gluten. Gourmet Meals owner Daniel Wuthrich said that for many, meals containing gluten aren’t an option. “Whether it is by choice or necessity, it is quite a challenge to avoid glutenous foods. It is particularly challenging for people with serious intolerances to prepare meals every day, making sure that no gluten ingredients are used, and no cross-contamination occurs. Fortunately, Gourmet Meals has made it easier than ever to live a gluten-free lifestyle. You can now have a huge variety of ready-made meals delivered straight to your door, and, have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have any gluten reactions.”

 If it is dairy that’s bugging you, there are dairy free options as well. When you have a friend or relative coming over who has either of these intolerances, you can always keep a meal in the freezer for them. That way, they can be guaranteed to not have to worry about what they are eating.

Lamb koftas. Yummo!

Gourmet Meals in 2022

The best thing about these meals is that it’s 2022 and things are a lot easier than they used to be. Forget grocery shopping, cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards. You can also forget trying to nutritionally balance your food yourself.

Gourmet Meals is a company that specifically caters to many dietary and nutritional requirements. In fact, their meals are so nutritionally sound that Gourmet Meals qualifies as a registered NDIS provider of home-delivered meals.

Gourmet meals
Chicken with almond and apricot

If you want to stop wasting time in the supermarkets and slaving over the stove, then take the smarter route by checking out the menu. ■

Log on to gourmetmeals.com.au to see their delicious menu ranges or call 1300 112 112 to speak to an actual human!

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