Good entertainment at an event helps your guests have fun. And who doesn’t like to have fun? Whether it is a wedding, a wedding anniversary, a big birthday bash, or a corporate event, hiring roving entertainers is a great way to break the ice between acquaintances.


Wedding Entertainers

Some events go down in family history. And usually, it’s because of how great everyone felt while attending them. I recently attended a wedding that had two entertainers on staff. One was a sexy, fire-twirling goddess who mesmerized us before the drunken dancing started. The other was a magician that was hired to bring the kids to the side for an hour and let the parents eat their meals in peace without having little fingers in it.

These two entertainers made a normal wedding into a fantastic one. A lot of selfies were going on with these two roving entertainers. And it made me think about my next event and how I could make it memorable with roving entertainers.

Work-Related Entertainers

At events that are work-related, it is a really good idea to have entertainers, as it can break the ice between people who don’t know each other that well. Entertainers can help the event stay upbeat and keep the attention of guests and put them in a stimulated state of mind, ready for learning. In other words, they will be in a great frame of mind to hear your sales message.

Matt Hollywood at an event
Matt Hollywood at an event

Making your potential clients feel great cannot be underestimated. If you have ever been at an event where an illusionist has been hired to wow the person with who you want to do that big deal, then you’ll know how well it works. These roving performers can be worth their weight in gold.

Event Star
Matt Hollywood Magic

Back in the Naughties, I went to a party in London that had a psychic reading everyone’s palms… and the biggest topic of the night was what she had predicted for us. It was a great way to start a conversation with a total stranger…and boy did it work! Two of the people were told they would find their soul mate that night. I wonder if they hooked up later? I hope so.

Matt Hollywood with people
Matt Hollywood with people

Make Your Event Stand Out By Hiring Matt Hollywood

At the Gold Coast, we have our own illusionist who puts on the wow factor for events –  Matt  Hollywood. For anyone who has seen his live shows at Sanctuary Cove and Broadbeach, you’ll know him to be witty and clever and be very, very slight of hand.

Now, Mr. Hollywood has branched out into event entertainment. Whether that means an intimate gathering of 15 people or a larger event with 600 guests, he rolls up with illusions and tricks to stump and beguile. This is the type of stuff people remember for a long time.

His roving show consists of magic packages (the ultimate ice-breaker) where he strolls amongst guests with mind-blowing close-up magic. Plus he does stage shows suitable for sit[1]down dinners. He also does other performances where he’ll take your guests on an unforgettable journey of comedy and magic. I have witnessed the show he puts on, and he is definitely worth considering for your next event.

Matt Hollywood’s Shows

Matt Hollywood is very experienced at this game. He has performed at countless events across the globe, made countless television appearances. He has performed at theme parks, special functions, and more, as well as having his own show. But the best thing about his performance is always his natural X-Factor. He’s just so funny.

Magic and Illusion have been around for a long time, for a good reason. It beguiles even the staunchest grump. Matt Hollywood delivers his fast-paced action-packed show with mind[1]blowing performances at almost every type of function, from conferences to business functions, private parties, weddings, corporate events, and more. He’s definitely worth having around.

Brett Marks of the Noah Group recently said, “Having Matt Hollywood at our event was the best decision we ever made. We have already sold out for next year. His show is mind-blowing but also the funniest thing we have ever seen. World Class.”

If you are seeking a close-up magician for a cocktail function, pre-dinner drinks entertainment or simply to rove the crowd with some classy card tricks, floating objects in the air, making things disappear, and mind-blowing close-up style magic that is a guaranteed hit at any event, then he’s your guy.

All this has led me to the conclusion that I want to hold a ridiculous bash when Covid goes the hell away. And I know the type of entertainment I will be having at this party to end all parties. The people in my life better start sucking up to me fast if they want an invitation! ■

To book Matt Hollywood for your event, call 0412 662 442 or log on to

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