Scars? Be Gone! New Beauty Treatments Can Banish Scars For Good

Scars? Be Gone! New Beauty Treatments Can Banish Scars For Good

Got a scar you want gone? Then check out paramedical tattooing – this procedure sends scars from whence they came. Roisin Murphy checks it out.

Ten years ago, I had a minor surgical procedure. But it left a big impact. This is because they left a device in me by accident during the operation. They sewed me up and sent me home with the device still in me. Of course, I got sicker and sicker over the years until finally, they worked out what was wrong with me.

But it wasn’t just a matter of taking the device out. They had to clean up all my insides as well, after all the damage caused by the object left in me. This left an absolutely giant scar across my body. At first, the scar was angry, red, and raised. But after a year or so, it became white and less angry. But I still wanted it gone.


I went to see Katherine McCann of Facebox in Ashmore Plaza. I love this place because it has easy, free parking, no traffic, and it is in a shopping plaza where I can grab other things I need while I am there.

Matching the tattoo ink to the skin
Scars? Be Gone! New Beauty Treatments Can Banish Scars For Good
Goodbye stretchmarks!

Katherine did several things for me and my scar. First of all, she tattooed the scar to be the same colour as the rest of my body. I promise you it doesn’t hurt. At all. In some moments, it was a little scratchy, but I honestly nearly fell asleep on the table. So don’t sweat it.

But that’s not all. She also did needling on the other areas of scarring I had. This was left from other procedures I had to have done while the surgeons were fixing me. And just because it’s cool, she showed me what she can do for stretch marks from those gorgeous babies I had. It is incredibly impressive stuff.

Scars: Paramedical Tattooing

That’s the beauty stuff. Katherine also does paramedical tattooing that helps out domestic violence survivors who need a lip scar camouflaged or an eyebrow scar concealed. And then there’s the people she helps to get rid of medical scarring like after breast cancer surgery or a hip replacement. Some heroes don’t wear capes. But in Katherine’s case, she does wear sparkly trainers.

The ability to conceal, camouflage, relax or improve a scarred area involves significant skill and should only be performed by an advanced technician. Katherine is one such technician. In fact, she heavily involved in education and innovation in the area, and is teaching the next generation on how they can help with paramedical beauty procedures.

Scars? Be Gone! New Beauty Treatments Can Banish Scars For Good
Scar after injury
Scars? Be Gone! New Beauty Treatments Can Banish Scars For Good
Scar minimisation using paramedical tattooing

Says Katherine, “Medical tattooing and micropigmentation play an important role in a person’s healing and recovery journey. This type of tattooing has helped thousands of people around the world – not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically as well. We treat all kinds of scars, and everyone has a story. It’s an amazing job and I am so grateful for the trust placed in me and the ability to really change a person’s life through my work.”

Scars on Other Body Parts

Katherine also loves that no one job is the same. “I have tattooed almost anything (anatomy wise) you can think of – and improved all types of scars whether they are surgical (breast cancer, augmentation, face lift, amputation etc) to self- harm, skin grafts, burn scars and even in some cases birthmarks, stretchmarks and vitiligo.”

Katherine and her staff work with patients referred by medical practitioners, dermal therapists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons. I am so impressed even after just one session of paramedical tattooing. It is totally life-changing and I can’t wait to see what else Katherine has in her repertoire for me!


Scars need to be at least 12 months old. An initial consultation is required. You will need to space the visits to allow adequate healing time.

To book a consultation:
phone: 0405 069 311

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