Sell Your Book Online. Here’s How.

Sell Your Book Online. Here’s How.

Need to sell your book online?

Evan Connell is the Chief Online Marketing Strategist and founder of Apparition Online. He explains how you can get those sales figures to shoot upward!

So your book is finished. It is sitting on your coffee table, looking all shiny and new. But now what? How do you get book buyers in front of it? And, even better, wanting to purchase it?

There are a few things in the marketing mix that you need to get right. The secret? You will need to make a soft copy version as well as a hard copy. That is, have the same book for sale, but in an electronic version. This can be in Kindle format or using another similar platform. Or it could just be in a PDF format. I hear you ask, “But why do I need a ‘soft copy’ as well?”

There are a huge number of books launched per day. But you need to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to click on your book and then start the purchasing process.

Sell Your Book Online by Creating Engaging Content

You can even create GIFs for your book

You may need to write a new introduction for the eBook, as you are selling it online and you are trying to grab the skimmer’s attention. This is different to how you sell a hard copy book in a bookshop.

When selling online, you need to hook the readers right away. You must have an engaging introduction followed by good content. The introduction to your eBook should both set the stage for the contents, and draw the reader in.

Proofread and Finalise

Once you have finalised the content of your eBook, you must proofread it to death. There’s a saying in editing circles – you can’t proofread your own work. Get someone else to have a look over it if you can. You need to recheck the whole content. Make sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes and rewrite it. This is especially important in the introduction. If the reader feels that the whole book is going to be a shabby mess, they will scroll on. You must get all of the bugs out!

Make your Content Presentable

Design is a massively important part of publishing. If you don’t have an artistic eye, hand the work over to someone who does. The content of your eBook needs to be visually appealing – to the point of being eye candy. Depending upon your eBook concept, you can also include pictures. In this Instagram-shaped world, visuals do keep the eye on the page and attract readers. Go for it!

Sell Your Book Online with a Killer Cover

Getting the cover right is the holy grail of publishing. The saying goes, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ But every person who buys a book does exactly that. The visuals and taglines are incredibly important. People will decide in 10 seconds whether they like the book or not, just from the cover. Oo you have to get this part of the sales equation exactly right.

Design The Landing Page

Sell your book online

Once the whole eBook concept is finalised and uploaded for sale, it is ready for the next step. That is, to create a landing page for it. The landing page is any page of a website that the user lands on when they click the link to find out more information, or to buy it. This page is crucial: it is there to funnel potential buyers into a purchase. You will need an engaging landing page that customers won’t bounce off.

Sell Your Book Online by Sharing and Promoting

One of the leading ways to push your book to many people is to promote it on social media. There are lots of different ways to do this. You can go with facebook and Instagram, and use them as a way to reach many people with your blogs or extracts from the book. You can also share other blogs that are related to your book’s subjects, as a way to keep interest.

If you need any help with this, then we can do all of this for you. Click here for more details.

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