Hello Glowing Skin- How Tech Can Make You Look Amazing

Hello Glowing Skin- How Tech Can Make You Look Amazing

Gay Wardle of Skin Energy Southport explains how you can get amazing skin (with a little help from technology!)

At SkinEnergy, we change lives by changing skin. Every skin tells a unique story. That’s why we begin every treatment journey with our famous professional skin analysis. After discovering your true health, we develop tailored and transformative treatment programs to achieve your individual goals.

Skin Energy DMK
DMK home enzyme


There are different names for pigmentation spots (sun spots, age spots, liver spots). Also, when it comes to combatting unwanted pigmentation, it is important to understand the underlying cause and the different types that are present. The condition requires a unique treatment plan.

Skin Energy Pigmentation

We are currently offering a 6-Month Skin Gym Membership. Sign up for the Goodbye Pigment pack. This will target pigmentation and uneven tone. we find these are very common concerns for many of our clients. The treatment plan begins with an in-depth skin health assessment and lifestyle consultation using our state-of-the-art skin diagnostic tools. You will learn about the internal and external factors contributing to pigmentation, and how we can work together to remove and prevent it from occurring in the future.

The course will be a combination of IPL, LED, Skin Needling and a Peel each month (therapist[1]chosen and customised to your unique skin needs) plus a DMK starter skincare pack on your first visit to keep you achieving incredible results at home. Hence, you can enjoy two in-clinic treatments a month at an incredibly affordable $145 a fortnight, which is direct debited, so you can set it and forget it!


Cryopen therapy is a procedure that involves using nitrous oxide gas under high pressure on the face. The gas is very cold which helps to freeze and destroy any benign lesions.

Skin Energy Cryopen
Photo of Cryotherapy

The cryo pen will get rid of:

■ Tags

■ Solar Keratosis (rough, scaly patches on sun‑exposed areas such as the head) and face, and

■ Milia (small white bumps that appear on the skin)

The Cryo Pen also gets rid of:

■ Cherry angioma or commonly known as red moles

■ Viral verrucae (warts)


■ Solar lentigo (sun spots)

■ Any other pigmentation


This is a procedure commonly used for the treatment of skin laxity. Therefore, the goal is to induce thermal damage to thus stimulate neocollagenesis (wound repair) in deep layers. Clinical studies have shown this to be an incredibly safe procedure. The treatment induces a powerful, natural healing response that stimulates skin tightening, cell regeneration and collagen production. Targeting fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, stretch marks and open pores, Fractional RF offers visible results.

Skin Energy Radio Frequency
radio frequency


IPL skin rejuvenation works by stimulating collagen growth. It also helps to reduce excessive capillaries in the skin and reduce inflammation. It does this by using wavelengths of light. The body’s natural processes then work on the results of the interaction between the light and the tissue to make it look better.


Anti-wrinkle injections are the non-surgical way to fill lines and smooth wrinkles with dramatic results. The injections boost volume and hydration to your face and lips, restoring a more youthful appearance. They can be used to shape lips and lift cheeks, fill and firm deep folds and lines. Evidently, the condition and appearance of our skin because it is the key to our overall wellbeing. Is it time you gave your skin some TLC? ■

Gay Wardle
Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle is Australia’s leading industry expert in skin analysis, anatomy and physiology. She has completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. Moreover, she has lectured at universities both in Sydney and Brisbane. She is highly experienced in the use of IPL and LED light therapy in beauty and advises therapists on how to develop dermatology treatment programs that utilise the benefits of modern-day beauty technologies.

Australia’s leading beauty equipment and product manufacturers regularly seek her advice for the development. Delivery of their salon training and education programs. Gay regularly travels the world to attend skin symposiums and medical conferences to ensure she remains up to date with the latest treatment techniques. In 2015, she was awarded Educator of the Year at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards. Her work as an educator and practitioner was celebrated in 2014 when she was inducted into the ABIA Hall of Fame in addition to the Reed Exhibition Hall of Fame.


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