Pinot & Picasso – Paint with Friends (while sipping wine!)

Pinot & Picasso – Paint with Friends (while sipping wine!)

Are you looking for something to do with friends while sipping your favourite drop? Then have we got news for you!

Pinot & Picasso is an interesting little business that is proving to be quite the hit with Silvers. It’s everything an activity with friends should be. There’s creativity, there’s conversation, there’s music, and there’s your favourite tipple.

pinot and picasso


There’s 3 venues you can choose from on the coast: Broadbeach, Palm Beach or Southport. You book in online, turn up, and Pinot and Picasso supply everything except the wine (or whatever you drink). Yes it’s BYO! You can also bring your own snacks!


You get shown a picture, and everyone gets invited to try to recreate it, in your own style. An instructor will tell you how to do it, but you can go off-piste and do it your way. In any case, if there’s 30 people there, there will be 30 different interpretations. It’s fascinating how different we all see the world. By the end, you’ll have a whole room of new besties, so be sure to try to have the best pic!

Wendy and Dennis Powell are the Owners of Pinot & Picasso on the Coast. Says Wendy, “I was born in Sydney, and moved up to the Gold Coast in 1994 when I was 28. I have been a beauty therapist, a nurse, a phlebotomist and had my three sons later in life. So I love change and a challenge! The paint and sip industry was my next go to! “

“Our paint and sip studios are for all ages, from 6 to 96. But I must say that the large number of over 50s that have been drawn to this is impressive. When you sit in one of our studios you are lost in your own little world of creativity. If you add a glass of wine, which is up to you, our space becomes its own little getaway of peace and tranquillity. Not to mention our playlist that resonates with the over 50s with the odd ABBA song or two!”

pinot and picasso

Traffic Smackdown! Southport Bridge Gets Extra Lane

Traffic Smackdown! Southport Bridge Gets Extra Lane

Southport is about to get that constant traffic jam ninja-ed! If you have ever tried to get to the Spit or to Seaworld on a weekend, then City peeps have heard your pain.

Travel time from Southport to Main Beach is projected to be reduced from 35 minutes to eight minutes during peak periods. This is because city forces are slapping on an additional lane to the Sundale Bridge. Yes indeedy, there will be way more people to overtake and undertake as you make your way to Main Beach.

Initial funding for the $34 million road project is set to be endorsed in the 2019-20 City Budget tomorrow. These plans will increase network capacity along the popular arterial route connecting Main Beach and Southport.

As well as the fifth lane on the Sundale Bridge the project will involve six-laning of the Gold Coast Highway. This will be achieved by demolishing the old pedestrian path on the bridge and adding a third southbound lane on the Gold Coast Highway.

Works to improve traffic flow will also include upgrades to Waterways Drive and its intersections. And, a signalised pedestrian crossing on Macarthur Parade adjacent to the Southport Yacht Club. The project is expected to take two years.

Said Mayor Tom Tate, “With the population expected to double by 2050 we need to have the transport infrastructure, sustainable travel options and traffic flow solutions necessary to support that growth and maintain productivity.”

Another significant congestion-easing project being funded through the budget is the $55 million

Isle of Capri Decongestion Project, which is due for completion in early 2021. Funding for the Capri project from the 2019-20 Budget will total $25 million.


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