We all need a staycation to remind us just how lucky we are here on the Coast. One night at the Rhapsody is enough to make us remember why we all moved to the Gold Coast in the first place! Nicole Buckler reports.

I am putting it out there and you can write in all you want to argue with me, but here it is: Narrowneck is the best beach on the Gold Coast. This debate will go on for some time, as it always has at the Coast. So while you are compiling your argument defending your favourite spot, I will put my argument in front of you thusly.

First of all, the artificial reef built at Narrowneck in the late 90s not only has preserved the beach somewhat, but as all reefs do, it has created a better, more rideable wave. The reef has been topped up a few times over the years with sandbags and other materials to make sure it keeps doing what it is supposed to. The council seems all over it and it keeps this part of the beach as a paradise for surfers and swimmers.

Many locals will argue whether this wave is the best wave or not. I am here to say that it is one of life’s great pleasures to watch surfers ride these waves at sunset or at dawn. When it is windy, the kite surfers come out to play, and this is a spectacle that can be watched for hours. Narrowneck is the best beach on the Coast and I am prepared to go to hand-to-hand combat about it.

As for Staycations, there’s no better place, especially in Spring. Seas are clearer in Spring, and it is a paradise on our doorstep that other humans wait their whole lives to experience.

rhapsody pool

I chose the Rhapsody Resort as the place to base myself. It is directly across the road from the beach, a 5-minute walk from the flags at Narrowneck, and a gorgeous 15-minute walk along the beach to the bright lights/big city feels of Surfers Paradise. North Surfers Paradise G:Link Station is across the road.

I checked into a 35th-floor ocean-view room. That sunrise over the ocean? Wow. It’s the stuff of life. I  could do it 10,000 times again from the 35th  floor like I did last night and never grow tired of it.

From the balcony, I could see all the way to South Straddie and even further. And it was a  perfect day – that kind of day where the sun touches your skin after an early Spring swim, and you feel like you are being kissed all over by a minor deity. As a massive fan of North Gold Coast, I loved my aspect from the 35th floor, I could survey all that I own. Okay I wish I owned it. Maybe one day I will!

As for the resort, it’s got some cool stuff. Downstairs is a café that is a favourite of locals getting their coffee and morning goodies. The food was amazing. The pool is gorgeous, as resort pools are, it catches the sun perfectly. The rooms have the kind of panoramas that made the Gold Coast famous. There are no beach panoramas anywhere like it in the world. Turquoise oceans and blue skies that inject you with wellbeing and big feels.

The Level 41 garden rooftop terrace is the jewel in the crown. We grabbed some champers and sat up there and were lucky enough to have a full moon splashing us with its beams of light. It was just so soul-satisfying that it was actually hard to leave the hotel!

rhapsody gardens

We all know the usual haunts for staycations on the Coast. If you are looking for something new and a little different, then this is your place. And it is on the very best beach on the coast. Send your long, but also wrong, arguments about other beaches to ■

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House Swap Staycation

House Swap Staycation

Now that staycations are all the rage thanks to Covid, here’s an idea for you. You can swap your house for someone else’s house and live with all the comforts of home while being somewhere new. 79-year-old Ingeborg tells us about her swapping escapades.

I have been a member of since 2014. As for my home, I live at Southbank, in Melbourne. I have swapped all over the place. I’ve been to the north of Queensland, I’ve been to Western Australia, and to Tasmania. Also, I have swapped around Victoria too, just for weekends away. But I have spent 15 years going mostly to North Queensland, because I don’t like Melbourne winters.

house swap sights - beautiful birds
Enjoying the rainbow lorikeets in the Townsville house

Swap History

The longest swap I have ever done is three or four months. The other swappers came down here and stayed at my apartment at South Bank. They were free to do whatever they wanted to do here. They are retired as well, so we had a lot of time to enjoy the swap. I went to their place, in Townsville.

beautiful house for house swap staycation
Ingeborg’s house in Townsville

The house was fabulous. It was on a huge hill, just off the city. Anyone relatively fit could walk right into the CBD. The view was absolutely fantastic, and the people are lovely, and we’re still friends.

We also swapped cars. They had a manual car, which was a nightmare on that hill! I know Townsville well because my daughter lived there for six years. So, it was almost like visiting relatives.

catching up with friends while in staycation
Spending time with loved ones in Townsville

Travel Buddy

I travel with my dog. He flew up with me in the same plane, although, he has to go in the hold, in a cage. Sometimes the dog’s plane ticket is more expensive than mine!

The other family knew I was bringing my dog, and they were okay with that. Sometimes, you can swap for months. I wouldn’t leave my puppy dog behind, lets face it. I wouldn’t have gone if I couldn’t have taken my dog. We did lots of good walks around Townsville. We did go to all sorts of places. I lived almost as if I was at home.

house swap with the doggie
The dog comes too!

I had my son visit me in Townsville too. My son is autistic. He lives in a group home, in Melbourne. House swapping is better for him than a hotel, it’s much more comfortable for him in an established home and that has everything he needs

loveones welcome to visit during house swap
Ingeborg’s son enjoying the pool at their swap house


The people I swap with always have a reason to be in Melbourne. Sometimes it is people who are doing a trip around Australia, and they wanted to stay for a bit longer – usually only three or four weeks in Melbourne. They may have a relative here, or they just want to see Melbourne properly.

I did have more swaps planned, I was going to go to New South Wales for several months, right up until Christmas. But with Covid hanging around, that fell flat. Everything is uncertain right now. But hopefully, I will be swapping again very soon.

Ingeborg enjoying her stay

To register for a home swap holiday, log onto

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