Food Safety this Summer: Delicious Solutions

Food Safety this Summer: Delicious Solutions

The Food Safety Information Council takes food safety seriously. Food poisoning in particular, has been their focus recently. They aim to create awareness for the community and education about the risks associated with food poisoning, prevention and those most at risk such as the elderly.

Food Safety in the Warmer Weather

With the weather getting warmer, food safety in Queensland becomes a real issue, and people should be mindful of food spoilage and bacterial contamination. The temperature range between 5°C and 60°C is known as the “temperature danger zone” for food. This is because in this zone, food poisoning bacteria can grow to unsafe levels which can make you very sick. The best rule to stick by is to ‘keep hot food hot and cold foods cold.’

Snap frozen meals are by far the safest choice when buying pre-cooked and prepared meals. Fresh and chilled meals have a much higher risk factor and a greater chance of ‘going off’, which can be very dangerous, especially to the elderly. By choosing snap frozen meals you minimise any risk, taking meals straight from the freezer to the microwave or oven.

Safety Programme

Gourmet Meals have the most stringent food safety program and have done for nearly 29 years. With four audits per year, they adhere to the highest and strictest of food safety and quality assurance standards. They follow well-documented processes outlined by Food Standards Australia New Zealand. Auditors are always praising the well-trained chefs who are from Switzerland and Germany. They have a strong work ethic and strict cleaning schedules.
Browse their tempting menu at

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