The Most Expensive Home on the Gold Coast

The Most Expensive Home on the Gold Coast

Expensive doesn’t quite cover it. While most of us can’t even afford to look in the window of this place, someone may just have the $20 million needed to buy this shack and call it home. Nicole Buckler checks it out.

Known as the Gold Coast’s finest trophy home, this hut has quite the price tag. The $35m cost of building this place far exceeds the price is it selling for ($20m). But if you are wealthy enough to build a house for $35m, then weathering a $15m loss on property is probably just how you roll.

This house has been on and off the market over the past few years, once with an asking price exceeding $30m. But now, there’s bargains to be had, with a new price drop of $10m. The home is owned by German super yacht builder Klaus Lilischkies and his wife Leigh. Obsessed with build-quality as a career, they have also held the same standards for the home.

This supermarket of a mansion is located at 7-13 King Arthurs Court, on Sovereign Islands – a gated community, famous for its extravagant homes.

This particular McPalace is named “Château de Rêves” which translates as “Castle of Dreams.” Even if I was rich, I would lie in bed at night and dream about the electricity bill. It occupies a 3,070sqm waterfront piece of land with an 85-metre frontage of uninterrupted southerly views of the Broadwater and skyline. So you can see all of the people who are definitely poorer than you.

Constructed in 2001, this 3000sqm home took three years to complete. It has seven bedrooms, all with their own ensuite for your VIPoo, two studies, two kitchens, staff quarters and multiple recreational facilities, like a tennis court and an indoor/outdoor pool. The pool features 24ct gold detail in the tiling. Of course it does. They better not invite me over. I’d hack the gold off and put it in my pocket. And so would you.

Of course, there is a spa, a Turkish steam room and a massage room. Sounds like the perfect place to hold a champagne reception for the Queen – or a wild orgy. It’s the Gold Coast, only the second option is truly likely.

Expensive Gold for an expensive spa!

Featuring German technology, it was designed with longevity in mind. It took 3 years to construct and is now 20 years old. It was built with marine-grade materials throughout and is fully sustainable. There is even a generator in case the power goes down. Plus, a desalination plant for making your own water. When the nukes hit the Gold Coast, these people will be the only ones still alive. And their servants. I’d better apply for a job as one.

Expensive wine racks!

Inside, you’ll see Venetian Murano glass, an Italian imported timber balustrade, Botticino marble floors and an extravagant staircase designed and manufactured in Italy, and shipped in one piece. But it has to be said – dare I say it? The place looks like an early 1990s nightclub. The way Cocktails and Dreams looked circa 1991. Cringe.

Expensive pools for an expensive house
Cosmetically, it isn’t everyone’s taste. But the build quality is. The open-plan kitchen on the first level is opulently designed and features a custom made teppanyaki table, white Thassos marble benchtops and stainless-steel Miele appliances. A second professional kitchen on the lower level, has commercial grade appliances. For when you never cook, have fired all your staff in an awkward rage, and then you have to order pizza.

It also has a full-service bar, a 16-seat formal dining room, and a formal living room. It also has a fireplace, for those two nights a year on the Gold Coast that it gets just warm – rather than so blisteringly hot that you want to peel your own skin off. And of course, it has a full wine cellar, for all of those wines that you’ll drink just because they were expensive and European and you can’t think what else to do with them.

It has it’s own Red Room of Pain… joke! It’s a gym. I think.

The master suite, which takes in the spectacular water views, has a lavish custom-designed rotating bed. Yep. For the orgy. No one who has been married for any length of time cares about a rotating bed. All it does is make you feel seasick and you’ve had enough of that from your boat. And of course, there is a 9sqm dedicated shoe wardrobe. I mean, I guess in this lifestyle you need a lot of boat shoes. It’s probably quite serious.

Expensive door handles for an expensive house
The place also has a 14-car basement garage. For your 14 cars. And you don’t even have to climb a single step to get to your 14 vehicles. A lift to all levels will take you there. During the ride, you can decide which of your wildly depreciating vehicles you will take out for a spin to get that pizza.

Of course, there is a private full-size pontoon to which you can moor your boat. In this expensive boat, you can enjoy bridge-free access to the Pacific Ocean. A person who has made their fortune from boatbuilding would settle for no less. But why would you even leave this house? There’s enough expensive desalinated water and wine to last you at least two decades. Nope, I’m staying home and ordering that pizza.

Expensive doors for an expensive house

Maybe you’d prefer buying a waterfall?   If not, you can perve all over the video here and then contact Sotheby’s.

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