Vertical Farming at Retirement Villages are a Hit

Vertical Farming at Retirement Villages are a Hit

When it comes to adopting new ideas for the good life in our later years. It’s always a good idea to see what other countries are doing. So in light of that, this is a very interesting idea. Vertical Field is a global ag-tech company that makes vertical farming systems. They have collaborated with an American aged-care company called Calson Management. So that they could supply on-site vertical farming units. For the senior residents get the freshest produce available for a better life.

The project started out as an experiment. Vertical Field provided a demo unit to the Glen Cove senior living lodge in Vallejo, California. The pilot programme was successful. As a result, it was decided that vertical farms will be installed in the seven other aged-care centres that the Carlson Group owned.

The Vertical Field

Vertical Field has developed and commercialised unique soil-based, vertical farms that operate in 20 and 40-foot containers. They produce freshly harvested and pesticide-free produce. The indoor farms are capable of growing a variety of fresh greens and other crops all year round. Moreover, they cut food miles, because the fresh food does not need to be transported to the end consumers. As a result, the farms use 90% less water and 30 times less land than conventional farming methods. Each portable unit is made from recycled shipping containers.

vertical field produce
A vertical field culinary creation…capress salad topped with freshly harvested basil.

Optimum growing conditions are created using advanced sensors and monitors, climate control technology, and state-of-the-art lighting. As a result, crops grow quickly regardless of the weather. The Company already provides vertical farming units for supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses across the world.

vertical field

“We are very excited to launch our first partnership with an assisted living centre. It will provide senior citizens with freshly harvested. High-quality produce is grown right outside their residence,” says Guy Elitzur, Vertical Field’s CEO. “This partnership supports our values of ensuring that nutritious produce reaches the homes of all people. No matter where they live. We look forward to continuing to expand to many other assisted living centres. Granted to make delicious and quality food accessible to senior citizens throughout the world.”

Jason Reyes of Calson Management said that the health and wellbeing of seniors is a priority. “By  bringing the farm all the way to our residents, seniors can see where the food grows and enjoy high-quality produce.”

I think we can all agree that this is an idea worth stealing. ■

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