Esprit de Vie Wellness Club – First Session Free!

Esprit de Vie Wellness Club – First Session Free!

Esprit de Vie Wellness Club is causing a stir. They have become very popular with the Gold Coast’s Silvers. The club runs weekly sessions at the Italian Club (8 Fairway Drive Clear Island Waters) with social team games and activities.

The Esprit de Vie Wellness Club also hosts regular social events like YOT Club Broadwater cruises, wine tours, brunches and so much more where friendships can be built.

Says Janice Walker, a Wellness Club Member, “It’s the best thing I’ve done since moving to the Gold Coast! I’ve made some lovely friends! I know I’m not alone in saying that!”

Wendy Geer, another Wellness Club regular, adds, “It’s the best place on the Gold Coast to meet some friends and have some wonderful events.”

Esprit de Vie Wellness Club Activities

Esprit de Vie love to use the old Elvis line “A little less conversation, a little more action” to describe what happens in their Wellness Clubs. Sessions are busy, interactive, full of laughter and fun – but all with a purpose.

Backed by the latest science, each session also keeps a subtle focus on memory, attention, cognitive function, physical and social health to ensure each and every participant’s maximum benefit.

One of Australia’s Favourite TV personalities, Denise Drysdale, pops down regularly to participate. Denise even ran a fun Go-Go dancing session recently to complement something she first did in 1966 when she opened Australia’s first Go-Go dancing school. ■

Interested? It is open to everyone, and it is $20 per session with a light meal and beverage included. Call 1300 4218 00 to book your complimentary first session.

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